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DRR Drywall Repair is a State of Florida Licensed drywall contractor serving the North-Central Florida area. From Gainesville to Winter Garden, and from the Gulf to the Atlantic, #DRR is the premier option for all those seeking to have their drywall woes solved! Orange peel, Knock-down, and popcorn texture? WE can match it! With a laser specific focus on lighting presentation, structural integrity, and the aesthetics of a repair, we offer our clients a seamless drywall repair.Our State License number is #SCC131151954. SDVOSB and FVBE Certified, you can find us on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, and more. Why is this important? We are held to robust professional requirements set by the State of Florida DBPR in relation to ongoing education and financial accountability. Are you worried about insurance?NO WORRIES!We maintain a $2M Commercial Liability insurance policy, and are happy to have our local office email a copy of our coverage.The factory training provided by Trim-Tex is another unique offering by #DRR. Physically walking the factory and being trained by the makers of the products we install means that we have a personal, vested, highly informed understanding of not only the “how” of our products, but also the “WHY?”Our equipment, from our truck, to our trailers, to our handtools, all is battle tested, reliable, and serves a specific purpose.Our employees and owner pride themselves on a HIGH standard of personal excellence; We are tobacco, alcohol, and drug free, and keep our speech as clean as well! Company lettered uniforms are the norm at #DRR; you know who we are!Discretion is a large part of our clients enjoy. We ask questions pertinent to the job at hand, and make sure to provide a comfortable environment for our clients. Do you need us to be off-site by a certain time each day? We can do that! Need a little more time to get up in the morning? We are happy to oblige!Cleanliness-A good finisher “”doesn’t sand.”” This is true! Well, for the most part 😉 What sanding or prep that must be performed is typically contained within the wall of our plastic shielding, thereby protecting you, your family, and your belongings from dust migration generated from the repair process.Your floors are important; you walk on them every day! We protect our client’s floors via a series of canvas runners. This allows us to efficiently access our repair areas, while maintaining a clean and protected work environment.Ownership- Our owner, Daniel H. Osborne, is our license holder, and primary repair technician. We call him the “Brain Surgeon of Drywall Repair,” if he hasn’t seen it or fixed it in the past, he sure will figure out a way to do it now! A U.S. Army Veteran, he holds multiple college degrees, and is a published author to boot. He may not be the “best-looking guy in the world,” but he will certainly wow you with his knowledge of craft, attention to detail, and integrity of craft.Finally our reviews and social media offerings are well established. Please start the process of getting acquainted with professional drywall repair at our website- www.drrdrywallrepair.com.Number 2When you need an excellent, State of Florida Licensed drywall contractor, DRR Drywall is your best choice! Serving Gainesville to Winter Garden, and from the Coast to Coast, drywall issues have no hope of lasting when we are on the job! Orange peel, Knock-down, and popcorn texture, stipple, and stomp, we match drywall textures with precision and tenacity. Seamless drywall repairs and clean jobsites are what we value most as we serve you.A $2M Commercial Liability insurance policy, ongoing state-mandated continuing education, and over 100 reviews/ ratings online means that you don’t just have to take our word for it; you’re in good hands.Coupled with our FVBE and SDVOSB certification, our online Facebook, Google, and Angie’s list reviews tell the story over and over again- your drywall project needs DRR Drywall Repair.Formal training and factory relationships with our drywall product suppliers means that our team is not JUST the folks showing up to your home or place of business. We are providing you with the very best product and information services available. Do you like to sleep in? Maybe you want the repairs performed while you and the family are on vacation? No problem! We communicate via text, email, and phone to facilitate remote access and update project progression with our clients.Professionalism is paramount in our service offering. We provide a tobacco, alcohol, drug, and coarse language free working environment, ensuring that the peace in your home and office is not disturbed, but rather added to.Prep-Oh my, and what a LOT of it there is! From the canvas runners running into your home, to the double or triple-layer protected floor coverings installed, keeping the work-space in pristine condition is a HUGE priority for us as DRR Drywall Repair. With superior product knowledge, and flat-rate pricing, we facilitate a comprehensive site prep process that is unrivaled in its execution and scope.Daniel H. Osborne, is our State Licensed Qualifier. As an owner operator, his personal standards of excellence and follow thru sets the mark VERY high for us! license holder, and primary repair technician. Known as the “Brain Surgeon of Drywall Repair,” it is attention to detail and ongoing trade communication and education that makes his approach and our service offering so unique. A resident of Marion County, Florida since 2009, he is a homeowner, father, husband, bible-study teacher, and fiercely loyal to his friends.DRR Drywall Repair isn’t always a good fit for your drywall project; if you want cheap, fast, or just “good-enough” we can certainly refer you to another service provider. If you need the most professional, comprehensive, and singularly focused drywall-repair option available though, visit us at www.drrdrywallrepair.com.Option 3Gainesville to Winter Garden, and from the Coast to Coast, DRR Drywall Repair is the option of choice when you require a State Licensed Drywall Contractor for your drywall repair or replacement needs. Our State License number #SCC131151954 is backed up with a $2M Commercial insurance policy, company uniform, and over 100 online ratings/ reviews to confirm what you already suspect- We are the best in our industry.What is “The Best?”Our incredible ability to match orange peel, knock-down, popcorn, stipple, stomp, and a myriad of other textures is almost absurd. With the integration of mobile lighting to facilitate patch transition and texture profile density matching, we are constantly refining and improving our techniques to provide flawless repairs. It it’s “not right,” we simply will scrape it off, and go again. It’s not right until it’s RIGHT.Our company vehicle and trailer are fully stocked; when we show up for the workday, it is important for us to have everything we need to effect the drywall repair or replacement. From the correct type of primer, to our own water hose, we provide a pain-free service offering to our residential AND commercial drywall customers. Text, email, and phone communication is paramount to engaging with our clients. If you like to be left in the dark, we are probably NOT a good fit for you. Daily updates, entry/exit schedules, and real time ETA check-ins allow us to serve our clients without them having to be at home, or on site. With our PDF formatted estimate and invoicing system, we keep you in the know of what is going on, and how your project is progressing.Would you believe it if we told you that we maintain a tobacco, alcohol, drug, and coarse-language free working environment? No? Well, it’s true! You’re expecting discipline of craft; that starts with discipline of self. Our staff is constantly striving to not just provide the best drywall patch, repair, or replacement they can; they are becoming the best servant they can be.Is your house your sanctuary? Do you prefer your office or school environment to be kept clean? GREAT! From vacuums, to brooms, to plastic shielding and floor coverings, we don’t start tearing into your project without protecting the surrounding areas and furnishings. The “Brain Surgeon of Drywall Repair,” our owner Daniel H. Osborne is a U.S. Army veteran, with multiple college degrees. Fiercely loyal, completely committed to quality, his tolerance for drywall repairs and communication standards are extremely tight indeed. Maintaining SDVOSB and FVBE Certification, we’re not just good. We’re GREAT.Simply put, DRR Drywall Repair is THE premier option for drywall repair or replacement throughout North-Central Florida. When you require a contractor you can trust, that shows up on time, and provides excellent quality drywall repair and replacement, you call #DRR. Even better, visit us at www.drrdrywallrepair.com, and see photos of the before and after of various projects we have completed. From the water damaged ceiling in your home needing to be replaced, to just the gouge in your office at work, we are your most comprehensive drywall repair option. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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